Bill and Ted Face the Music is delayed but will release on VOD and in cinemas


In a move that’s as unsurprising as the sun rising and Tenet being delayed, it was only a matter of time until the rest of the summer blockbusters are delayed out of the season. While Disney hasn’t delayed Mulan (yet), it was confirmed in the latest trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music that the movie has unfortunately been delayed. However, it has also been confirmed that the movie will be released to VOD and in any open theaters on September 1st.

The release strategy might seem a bit odd, but it makes perfect sense once you realize that most countries outside of the United States have been able to get the Coronavirus under control and are reopening at a much faster pace than America. While some countries have not reopened their movie theaters, as those are universally seen as a high-risk location and is still classified as a non-essential business, it seems likely that some select chains will be open by the beginning of September. For countries that have been hit by the virus harder or have failed to contain it, Orion Pictures will release Bill and Ted Face the Music to VOD services. With AMC now hoping to reopen in mid-to-late August, some areas of the United States may be able to see the movie in theaters. Maybe. Possibly. Don’t bet on it.

I’m not too sure how well Bill and Ted Face the Music will do on VOD services as it’s a very niche sequel to a series that hasn’t had any new updates since the 90s. Comedies like these typically don’t do all too well at the box office, and if the movie is available for $19.99 to rent like most pandemic movies, Orion may just be trying to make some money off of the movie instead of letting it die on the shelf.

Bill and Ted Face the Music will release on September 1, 2020 on both VOD and in select theaters.

Jesse Lab
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