Bollywood’s latest great idea: Musical Hindi Hitler!


Oh, Bollywood. Is there anything you can’t do? Or won’t?

Already famous for remaking popular Hollywood movies with Hindi casts, musical numbers, gargantuan running times, hilarious special effects and baffling plot developments, it seems that the Indian film industry is no longer content with simply remaking films in their image, but now looks like they’re set on taking on a play that takes place entirely within The Producers.

Well, sort of. Technically it’s not Springtime for Hitler, but Dear Friend Hitler (how’s that for a title?) from Amrapali Media Vision is all about the Third Reich’s top-rated toothbrush-‘tached lunatic, and it is a musical. What more do you need?

Specifically, the film will be a “piece of fictionalized history” (with musical numbers) based on letters that Mahatma Gandhi supposedly wrote to Hitler, asking him to end the War. According to Movieline, director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar plans to emphasize ‘Hitler’s eye for an eye philosophy and Gandhi’s never-say-die approach’. On one hand, this sounds completely misjudged and enormously insensitive. On the other hand, it’ll probably be hysterical. I’m English and laughing at Germans is basically in my DNA: I can’t help but think this all sounds just a little bit brilliant.

[via Movieline]