Bond 23 now has official release dates


Just yesterday I made fun of my fiancee for squealing like a school girl at the very sight of something related to Breaking Dawn and now I’m feeling a bit hypocritical because I have just squealed like a schoolgirl at the mere mention of a release date. Of course my squealing was over Bond 23 (obviously a working title) getting its official release dates so in my case it is actually justified.

We still have a ways to go as the date announced is November 9, 2012, but I’m all excited anyway. Sam Mendes is one of my favorite underrated directors and I have a feeling everyone wants to step it up after the acceptable, but lackluster Quantum of Solace.

In case you’re thinking I’m getting a bit too excited over here, don’t worry. The second I expressed joy about knowing the release date our very own British writer and fellow Bond enthusiast, Xander Markham, pointed out that the film was releasing on October 26 in the UK. I can hear him now laughing at me manically as he points to a calendar that illustrates how he’ll see the movie a full two weeks before me.

[via Movieweb]

Matthew Razak
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