Bond 24 already underway, Skyfall trailer before MIB3


Well, I’ve got a much better reason to check out Men in Black 3 now. Collider is saying that the trailer — recently showed off at CinemaCon — will be attached to the film. A full description of the trailer, courtesy of EW, is below and it sounds particularly awesome.

Even more awesome is that Sony isn’t beating around the bush when it comes to getting more Bond out. Rory Bruer, the company’s President of Worldwide Distribution, said at CinemaCon that they’re eyeing 2014 for Bond 24 to land meaning that work on the film is probably already underway. A two year turn around is far better than the gaps in Bond we had when MGM was still a thing. 

[EW and Bleeding Cool, via Collider]

The first trailer for Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007 begins with the British superspy in a debriefing room, playing word association with an examiner while Judi Dench’s M and Ralph Fiennes, apparently a member of the government agency, look on dourly through one-way glass.

“Country …” the examiner begins.

“… England,” Bond replies flatly.

“Gun …” the man says.

“… Shot,” Bond says.“Agent …”

“… Provocateur,” Bond says.

“Murder …”

“… Employment,” Bond growls.

“Skyfall …”

Bond hesitates.

The examiner repeats it: “Skyfall …”

“… Done,” Bond says finally, standing up and walking toward the glass while Dench and Fiennes look like they just swallowed their chewing gum.

Clearly, 007 knows what this means, and it’s most likely not good news. The next series of shots in the trailer include Bond storming in through a door, rapidly firing a handgun, and other assorted action scenes. Then we see a series of coffins draped in the British flag.

“Some men are coming to kill us,” Bond says. “We’re going to kill them first.”

Seriously, could that be anymore Bond? I will be squealing like a school girl when I see this.

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