Bond 25’s title is revealed to be No Time to Die


Somebody hold me up because I can’t handle this much sexy all in one 30-second clip.

Official title reveal of Bond 25

The James Bond folks have revealed the title for the next Bond film as No Time to Die, and it is amazing. We’ll get to that video above first, but lets just comment on the fact of a how great a Bond title this is. After Skyfall and Spectre it was starting to feel like we weren’t going to get a full-throated Bond title as long as Daniel Craig was still around. Then when reports of a working title of Shatterhand landed I thought all hope was lost but this one knocks it out of the damn park. 

Now, onto the video itself, which features Craig strolling across the screen before turning his head making you melt into a puddle of awesome. How does a person walk that cool? Do you have to go to cool walk school? Then we pull out to reveal the title itself in a decidedly retro-looking font. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s a divergence from the previous title styles of Craig’s films, which all had a more modern feel to them.

After how middling Spectre turned out to be I’ve got high hopes for No Time to Die despite the amazing Danny Boyle leaving the project. I’m also hoping this reveal means we’ll get a bit more info on the plot of the film, which is said to pick up after the events of Spectre. Until then, however, I’m perfectly content watching this on loop forever.

Matthew Razak
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