Bond distribution rights go to Annapurna


Every studio wants a piece of James Bond. The movies are hits no matter what. They bring in money, and that’s why landing the distribution rights to the films was a massive deal with almost every studio out there putting bids in. MGM was looking for a partner to get the most money out of, of course, so they basically went with themselves.

Annapurna is reportedly going to get the rights, and that was basically set up when MGM and the company partnered to become a distribution studio. The whole thing was done to give MGM a home for Bond, but it could also signal Annapurna’s step forward into a major studio. Of course U.S. distribution is just a small fraction of the Bond pie, as 70 percent of its box office comes from overseas so the big boys are still fighting over that little windfall. No front runner yet for overseas distribution, but at least we know who will get it in the U.S.

This is all some serious inside baseball, but for those who care it’s big news. Distribution is where a lot of studios make their money, and MGM hasn’t done any of it since it went bankrupt. The company has been doing well since then so this may signal its first steps back into the game. 

MGM, Annapurna Joint Venture Near Domestic Deal On Next James Bond Movie [Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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