Bone adaptation moves forward; gets writer and director


I’ve written before about my undying love for Bone. So imagine my reaction this morning when I saw that Warner Bros. had settled on a writer and director for the long-gestating adaptation.

The studio has tapped Patrick Sean Smith, creator of ABC Family’s hit show Greek, to write the adaptation. This will be the first feature for Smith, who has done primarily TV projects in the past. However, the most exciting aspect of this announcement is who Warners have picked up for the director’s chair. P.J. Hogan, director of the 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan, will be heading up Bone

While I’m a little nervous about Patrick Sean Smith’s involvement since I’ve never seen an episode of Greek, I’m more than excited about P.J. Hogan being attached to this project. His Peter Pan adaptation was brilliant, even if hardly anyone saw it. My one hope though is that Bone creator Jeff Smith has some sort of input on this project. Because really, he’d have the best idea of how to adapt the 1,332 page epic into an hour and a half.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]