Bone movie actually happening…maybe?


It should be known that my favorite book (comic or otherwise) is Jeff Smith’s Bone. It has the epic scale of Lord of the Rings, and the humor of a Marx Brothers movie. And that’s before the stupid stupid rat creatures are introduced. I’ve been looking forward to a movie adaptation of this book for years, as have most fans. Now, it seems, Warner Brothers is taking a stab at the ambitious adaptation.

According to Bleeding Cool, Jeff Smith was presented with a four minute test animation (similar concept to that Thundercats footage we leaked many moons ago). According to the cartoonist, the 3D test was “pretty mind blowing”. I wouldn’t take that claim lightly either. Also of note, the movie will be animated in CG, which to me seems like a step backward for the art of the series. Try to imagine the Bone cousins rendered in CG. Kinda breaks your heart doesn’t it?

So let’s back up a second. How did Warners begin work on the flick without anyone knowing about it? No director, writer, producers, or actors have been name dropped at all, and likely won’t for some time. Seems a little fishy to me, but regardless, I’m excited about the prospect of this adaptation. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out like Nickelodeon’s awful plan for a television movie that included child actors and pop music. Jeff Smith will be at Comic Con later this week, as will we. So let’s hope we get some official word from the man himself. Alex, I’m putting you on the job. Deal with it.

[via Bleeding Cool]