Bourne star Jeremy Renner eyeing Julian Assange biopic


Silver-haired online anarchist Julian Assange may presently be taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy to prevent his extradition to Sweden on alleged rape charges, but that hasn’t stopped Dreamworks from pushing forward with plans to develop a movie based on the Wikileaks founder’s life story. The latest word is that Jeremy Renner, currently Hawkeye and soon to be Bourne star, is circling the lead role – and as you can see from the header image, there’s certainly a strong resemblance between the two men – while Twilight‘s Bill Condon is under consideration to direct.

Regardless of whether you believe the Wikileaks mission statement, Assange is a fascinating character and one of the most important figures of our nascent internet age. It’d likely be difficult, and somewhat futile, to shoot the film before the rape accusations have been resolved, but his story features many of the same elements which made David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s Mark Zuckerberg biopic, The Social Network, so compelling. If Sorkin can find enough time between proselytising monologues on The Newsroom, he could be just the man to fill the pages.

[via Deadline]