Box Office Numbers: Apetit


As the summer winds down, so do the numbers we see each weekend at the box office. Children visit Staples and load up on crayons and non-working pencil sharpeners, and college freshmen buy mini-fridges because how awesome would it be to have a fridge full of beer in our dorm room? Movies, on the other hand, still make a lot of money. Just a little bit less.

That movie about monkeys didn’t do too terribly, taking first quite easily. It won’t go down in history as one of the more successful summer debuts, but for something coming in this late in the game, I’ll give it props. Good effort, slugger. No go eat an orange slice and prepare for next week.

Another fun thing to note: remember that tie from last week? Looks like week two for those films settled that little spat, and the winner is The Smurfs! Congratulations on being a little less of a disappointment to the world than you were last week!

[via Rentrak]

1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes — $54,000,000

2. The Smurfs — $21,000,000

3. Cowboys & Aliens — $15,748,030

4. The Change-Up — $13,501,755

5. Captain America: The First Avenger — $13,000,000

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II$12,160,000

7. Crazy Stupid Love — $12,100,000

8. Friends with Benefits — $4,700,000

9. Horrible Bosses$4,620,000

10. Transformers: Dark of the Moon$3,015,000