Box Office Numbers: Big Macs


So over the weekend I heard someone refer to the plump robot star of Big Hero 6, Baymax as “Big Macs” and haven’t stopped laughing since. Wish I heard the rest of the conversation for context, but it was something along the lines of “That’s the one with Big Macs, right? The Michelin looking motherf**ker?” I wanted to be a part of that conversation so badly you don’t even know. 

Speaking of, Big Hero 6 took the top spot at the box office last weekend with $56 million, Interstellar came in second with $50 million, and Gone Girl once again rounds out the top three with $6 million. I think Big Hero 6 has another week at the top unless Dumb and Dumber To has enough pull to take over.

Hit the jump for the box office performances for the November 7-10th weekend. 

[via Rentrak]

1984 McDonald's Big Mac Commercial

1. Big Hero 6 – $56,200,000

2. Interstellar – $50,000,000

3. Gone Girl  – $6,100,000

4. Ouija  – $6,016,600

5. St. Vincent – $5,707,000

6. Nightcrawler  – $5,511,560

7. Fury  – $5,500,000

8. John Wick – $4,705,000

9. Alexander  – $3,495,000

10. The Book of Life  – $2,800,000