Box Office Numbers: Bowe Knows Riddick


Yet another weak week at the box office, though in first place comes the Vin Diesel vehicle Riddick. The film only pulled $18.67 million in its opening weekend, so it didn’t perform as well as The Chronicles of Riddick, which opened with $24.29 million back in 2004, but it did beat out Pitch Black, which opened with $11.58 million back in 2000. Given that Vin Diesel put his house on the line for this film, let’s hope it hangs in there domestically and does well internationally.

Rounding out the top 10 this week, The Butler is still doing it, We’re The Millers is still around like a bad cold, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine has raked in more than $25 million, and The World’s End is just hanging on to the tenth spot.

After the cut the full top ten numbers, and a little bit of Riddick action.

1. Riddick – $18,673,070

2. Lee Daniels’ The Butler – $8,900,000

3. Instructions Not Included – $8,100,000

4. We’re The Millers – $7,925,000

5. Planes – $4,274,000

6. One Direction: This Is Us – $4,100,000

7. Elysium – $3,100,000

8. Blue Jasmine – $2,688,310

9. Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters – $2,500,000

10. The World’s End – $2,301,784

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