Box Office Numbers: Equals Zero


Surpassing all of my predictions, and despite a terribly slow start, Slumptember fished strong with the top box office performer, The Equalizer, raking in $35 million dollars. That may not seem as impressive as films during the Summer months, but considering how little people actually see films in September, it’s a big deal to have two weeks of this magnitude. 

In second The Maze Runner is still holding strong with $17.5 million, and rounding out the top three is the other premiere, The Boxtrolls, with $17.25 million. Ooh, so close. 

Hit the jump for the box office performances for the September 26-29 weekend. 

[via Rentrak]

The Equalizer TV Show Opening

1. The Equalizer – $35,000,000

2. The Maze Runner  – $17,500,000

3. The Boxtrolls – $17,250,000

4. This is Where I Leave You  – $7,010,000

5. Dolphin Tale 2 – $4,835,000

6. No Good Deed – $4,600,000

7. A Walk Among the Tombstones  – $4,233,840

8. Guardians of the Galaxy  – $3,789,000

9. Let’s Be Cops  – $1,515,000

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  – $1,450,000