Box Office Numbers: Fast Eighty Five


Million, that is.

OK, so I might be rounding a little bit. But still — holy hot balls did Fast Five make a lot of money this weekend. In honor of that, and since there’s absolutely nothing else worth mentioning this week, let’s talk about what the number 85 means to the stars of Fast Five.

The age at which Paul Walker will learn how to deliver a line that doesn’t sound like an old man trying to be gangsta: 85.

The size of Vin Diesel’s head in proportion to the rest of his body: 1:85.

The number of people who remember why Tyrese is famous: 85.

The number of people who were hoping The Rock died in Fast Five: 85 million.

Chances that Jordana Brewster and Luda had sex during filming: 85%.

1. Fast Five — $83,629,800

2. Rio — $14,400,000

3. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family — $10,050,000

4. Water for Elephants — $9,125,000

5. Prom — $5,000,000

6. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil — $4,140,000

7. Soul Surfer — $3,300,000

8. Insidious — $2,687,172

9. HOP — $2,556,680

10. Source Code — $2,532,000

Source: Rentrack