Box Office Numbers: Fuuuu


Finally, there’s a new movie at the top of the box office for this weekend. Edging out four-time winner The Hunger Games is… Think Like a Man. Wow, really? Are you telling me that this movie, based on a book by STEVE HARVEY, was able to not only topple The Hunger Games, but also took time and money away from The Cabin in the Woods?! Fuuuu–

If you’re reading this, do us all a favor: Go watch The Cabin in the Woods. Whether you love it or hate it (because there’s really no middle ground), tell us what you thought about it. Write a cBlog. Tweet us. Post something on our Facebook. In fact, this goes for any movie you see. If you do decide to watch The Cabin in the Woods, listen to our special Flixist Movie Club podcast discussion about the film. Rumor has it there was a super secret contest announced during the show.

Plugs on plugs on plugs. This weekend’s box office numbers are below.

[via Rentrak]

1. Think Like a Man – $33,000,000

2. The Lucky One – $22,805,000

3. The Hunger Games – $14,500,000

4. Chimpanzee – $10,205,000

5. The Three Stooges – $9,200,000

6. The Cabin in the Woods – $7,750,000

7. American Reunion – $5,231,925

8. Titanic – $5,000,000

9. 21 Jump Street – $4,600,000

10. Mirror Mirror – $4,114,000