Box Office Numbers: Ghost Ride the Whip


Ride Along is still in first and has now grossed $93 millions dollars in revenue over its three week stint on the top of the chart. It’s January, so this was bound to happen, I suppose. Not even new releases like That Awkward Moment or Labor Day could dethrone it. Kevin Hart’s too much of a perplexing box office draw. 

But it’s not all bad news, however. Frozen has now $346.9 million, becoming Disney’s highest performing original film. I’m glad folks were so drawn to it. I’m sure the recent sing along version released last weekend helped with that a little, too. 

Hit the jump for the box office performances for the Jan 31- Feb2 weekend. Next week, The LEGO Movie! So no more Ride Along! 

[via Rentrak]

1. Ride Along – $12,313,765

2. Frozen – $9,310,000

3. That Awkward Moment – $9,010,000

4. The Nut Job – $7,613,155

5. Lone Survivor – $7,161,300

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – $5,400,000

7. Labor Day – $5,300,000

8. American Hustle – $4,300,000

9. The Wolf of Wall Street – $3,550,000

10. I, Frankenstein – $3,520,000