Box Office Numbers: I’m not Nick


Now I’m not your usual box office guy, but despite my lack of experience with this post I think I can safely say that Avengers: Age of Ultron made a lot of money. Like second biggest opening weekend of all time (behind its predecessor) money, and believe it or not that was below industry expectations.

Everything else was just a runner up. Enjoy your almost$180,000,000 weaker weekend Age of Adaline and Furious 7. Of course nothing else big even attempted to open this weekend (or this week for that matter) so it makes sense. We probably won’t see Age of Ultron falling until possibly next week. 


1. Age of Ultron – 187,656,000

2. The Age Of Adaline –  $6,250,000

3. Furious 7 –  $6,114,250

4. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 –  $5,550,000

5. Home –  $3,300,000

6. Cinderella –  $2,357,000

7. Ex Machina –  $2,230,576

8. Unfriended –  $1,987,795

9. Monkey Kingdom –  $1,191,000

10. Get Hard –  $1,150,000

Matthew Razak
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