Box Office Numbers: Kim Possible


Despite its best effort (or worst apparently, according to our review) Fantastic Four could not accept the impossible mission of taking the top box office spot over the weekend. Mission: Impossible remains a basic average girl with $29 million as Fantastic Four and The Gift round out the top three with $26 and $12 million respectively. 

But I expect Fantastic Four to gain traction. Although critics are bashing it, the general audience seems to love it. Good or bad word of mouth will definitely push it forward. I don’t expect it to top with Straight Outta Compton releasing soon, but I’m sure it’ll make a dent by Summer’s end. 

Hit the jump for the rest of the box office performances for the August 7-9 weekend. 

[via Rentrak]

Kim Possible Theme Song - Both Vesrions

1. Rogue Nation – $29,400,000

2. Fantastic Four – $26,200,000

3. The Gift – $12,007,000

4. Vacation – $9,145,000

5. Ant-Man – $7,826,000

6. Minions – $7,370,280

7. Rick and the Flash – $7,000,000

8. Trainwreck – $6,274,625

9. Pixels – $5,430,000

10. Southpaw – $4,764,000