Box Office Numbers: Lincoln Logs


Only one new release really went up against Limitless this week and, well, it lost. Really? A movie called The Lincoln Lawyer didn’t end up in the top three? I’m shocked. And believe it or not, Paul did even worse. Just a little worse, but worse is worse.

Neither did all that badly, but the trend lately is continuing: only one new release is seeming to get all of the attention while the others sit around the middle of the pack. Do we blame it on March, or do we blame it on advertising and the quality of the movies themselves? 

In any event, Limitless did pretty well, so kudos. Check out all the numbers below.

1. Limitless — $19,000,000

2. Rango — $15,315,000

3. Battle: Los Angeles — $14,600,000

4. The Lincoln Lawyer — $13,400,000

5. Paul — $13,155,390

6. Red Riding Hood — $7,255,000

7. The Adjustment Bureau — $5,931,800

8. Mars Needs Moms — $5,317,000

9. Beastly — $3,260,000

10. Hall Pass — $2,600,000

Source: Rentrack