Box Office Numbers: Little Mommas


Big Mommas must not be feeling so big right now: after coming in this week in fifth place after a movie about Shakespearian lawn decorations, there’s not a whole lot for Big Mommas to feel good about. That’s entirely appropriate, though, as it still made about seventeen million dollars more than it deserves.

Liam Neeson thriller Unknown came in at first, which is what I think we were all expecting. Despite the fact that most critics have called it pretty mediocre, it’s still a thriller with Liam Neeson. As for I Am Number 4, it is not number four. That’s about all you need to know about that. See all the rest of the numbers from the weekend below.

1. Unknown — $ 21,770,000

2. I Am Number Four — $19,500,000

3. Gnomeo and Juliet — $19,400,000

4. Just Go With It — $18,200,000

5. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son — $17,000,000

6. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never — $13,600,000

7. The King’s Speech — $6,565,619

8. The Roommate — $4,100,000

9. The Eagle — $3,558,700

10. No Strings Attached — $3,120,000

Source: Rentrack