Box Office Numbers: Mars Needs Money


Aw, I really shouldn’t be so mean to poor Mars Needs Moms, especially because it really isn’t that bad. But with a pretty poor opening weekend, it’s not providing me with a whole lot of options. Mars Needs Moms did poorly. Really poorly.

It’s not a total flop, but in the face of much more impressive showings from other movies that aren’t even animated, you have to imagine that Disney is pretty disappointed. I mean, isn’t a Disney animated film usually an automatic ten million opening weekend at least? I thought that was some sort of federal law.

Anyway, if you even had to wonder, the aliens took over both LA and the box office this weekend. You’ll see just how much money it and all the other top-ten films made this weekend down below.

1. Battle: Los Angeles — $36,000,000

2. Rango — $23,050,000

3. Red Riding Hood — $14,135,000

4. The Adjustment Bureau — $11,459,175

5. Mars Needs Moms — $6,800,000

6. Hall Pass — $5,105,000

7. Beastly — $5,090,000

8. Just Go With It — $4,000,000

9. The King’s Speech — $3,625,163

10. Gnomeo and Juliet — $3,546,000

Source: Rentrack