Box Office Numbers: More birds, more disappointment


Sometimes, it’s really hard to be the one who has to compile these results each week, as no matter how much I want to ignore the results sometimes, there’s no way to avoid them. So when a movie like Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family makes more money than a movie like Water for Elephants (which wasn’t even that good), it’s easy to fall into a state of dumbfounded silence. Even worse is when something like African Cats doesn’t make any money. Expected? Yes. Depressing? Yes.

So, while Rio is still out in front, there’s not a lot to be happy about this week. I have little to say. Better days are on the way, friends. Better days are on the way.

The full numbers follow. 

1. Rio — $26,800,000

2. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family — $25,750,000

3. Water for Elephants — $17,500,000

4. HOP — $12,460,917

5. Scream 4  — $7,154,000

6. African Cats — $6,400,000

7. Soul Surfer — $5,600,000

8. Insidious — $5,383,744

9. Hanna — $5,276,801

10. Source Code — $5,063,000

Source: Rentrack