Box Office Numbers: More like Fart Trek Into Darkness


Summer’s in full swing, yet I’ve been held back with a ridiculous cold. I bought some Zzzquil Friday night, but it turns out that it doesn’t even have medicine in it. Thanks a lot, Vicks. Armed with the magical elixir that is Dayquil + Nyquil, I’m feeling a lot better than I was this past week.

How am I going to link this all back to Star Trek Into Darkness, you ask? I’m not. May Fools! Star Trek Into Darkness topped the box office with $70m, doubling the second place Iron Man 3‘s earnings. The Great Gatsby rounds out the Top 3 with $23m. Who’s excited for Fast & Furious 6 this Friday?! Nick and I have an early review coming your way, so prepare yourself. Hint: Prepare your wallets.

The rest of this weekend’s box office numbers are below.

1. Star Trek Into Darkness – $70,555,000

2. Iron Man 3 – $35,182,000

3. The Great Gatsby – $23,415,000

4. Pain and Gain – $3,100,000

5. The Croods – $2,750,000

6. 42 – $2,730,000

7. Oblivion – $2,222,390

8. Mud – $2,160,285

9. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples$2,150,000

10. The Big Wedding – $1,100,000