Box Office Numbers: Nailin’ the Best Man


I was worried for Thor a bit there this weekend. Coming in strong for some reason on Friday, The Best Man Holiday nearly made enough money to out hammer Thor’s big hammer. But then Thor’s hammer won over in the end when it basically nailed Best Man to second place (by making 8 million more fun dollars). Other movies are here too, but none of that will matter this weekend. 

And while I’d love Thor: The Dark World to earn the top spot again just so I can use a “HammerTime” joke, there’s no way it’s beating The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Hit the jump for the box office numbers for the weekend. 

[via Rentrak]

PSY with MC Hammer,Gangnam Style, At Time Square, New Years Rockin Eve 2013 ,HD 720p

1. Thor: The Dark World – $38,454,000

2. The Best Man Holiday – $30,592,760

3. Last Vegas – $8,865,000

4. Free Birds – $8,300,000

5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa-$7,670,000

6. Gravity – $6,280,000

7. Ender’s Game – $6,200,000

8. 12 Years A Slave – $4,700,000

9. Captain Phillips – $4,500,000

10. About Time – $3,642,400