Box Office Numbers: One little victory


What occasion could cause me to place a Rush song here? Well, it certainly isn’t the number one movie of the weekend, Twilight. It is, instead, the number two place for The Muppets, which is absolutely all anyone could have asked of it. While its weekend takehome was only about 29 million, its Wednesday opening helped it to earn about 42 million so far. With any luck, the continued buzz about how good it is will help to carry it into the upcoming weekend.

So, here we are to celebrate one little victory. And listen to Rush. Because drummers. Animal. Neil Peart. Just go with it. And as a last mention, check out The Descendents again. Pulled in another 7 million in only 433 locations.

[via Rentrak]

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – $42,000,000

2. The Muppets – $29,500,000

3. Happy Feet 2 – $13,400,000

4. Arthur Christmas – $12,700,000

5. Hugo – $11,350,000

6. Jack & Jill – $10,300,000

7. Immortals – $8,800,000

8. Puss in Boots – $7,450,000

9. Tower Heist -$7,323,040

10. The Descendents – $7,200,000