Box Office Numbers: Priest did well


No it didn’t.

Considering how incredibly bad it looked, I suppose you could say that Priest actually didn’t do that poorly, as it’s a wonder that it was watched by anyone at all other than people who were forced or paid to see it. It did, however, manage to draw people into theaters, though I assume most were accidents.

“Yeah baby, we’ll go see Bridesmaids. Oh, hey, there’s this other movie that looks scary! Wanna see it instead? No? Oops, Bridesmaids was sold out, all they had was Priest. No, I swear, it was sold out! If you get scared you can finally touch me. Please?”

1. Thor — $34,500,000

2. Bridesmaids — $24,409,070

3. Fast Five — $19,533,950

4. Priest — $14,500,000

5. Rio — $8,000,000

6. Jumping the Broom — $7,300,000

7. Something Borrowed — $7,000,000

8. Water for Elephants — $4,100,000

9. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family — $2,200,000

10. Soul Surfer — $1,800,000