Box Office Numbers: Rocky Road


Dwayne Johnson just can’t catch a break, can he? At this point I’m not sure who is to blame. Is Johnson just not that great of an actor or does he just attach himself to terrible projects? After starring in two terrible solo films, maybe he should just stick in the sidelines for a bit. Or better yet, go back to Disney. The Gameplan was a fantastic flick. Do more of those. 

Either way, San Andreas made way more money than it should’ve with $53 million. Pitch Perfect 2 and Tomorrowland round out the top three with under $15 million each. Hit the jump for the box office performances for the last weekend of May.

[via Rentrak]

The Rock's best insult!!!

1. San Andreas – $53,215,000

2. Pitch Perfect 2  – $14,841,300

3. Tomorrowland  – $13,803,000

4. Mad Max: Fury Road  – $13,625,000

5. Age of Ultron  – $10,920,000

6. Aloha – $10,000,000

7. Poltergeist – $7,800,000

8. Far From the Madding Crowd – $1,420,000

9. Hot Pursuit – $1,370,000

10. Home – $1,150,000