Box Office Numbers: Supermeng


Man of Steel topped this weekend’s box office to nobody’s surprise, raking in a resounding $113m (with an additional $12m from its early release). The super comedy This is the End came in second with a respectable $20m ($32m cumulative), proving to be a good alternative for those that don’t like superheroes that wear glasses to conceal their identities. Rounding out the Top 3 is Now You See Me with $10m.

Last weekend’s sleeper hit, The Purge, fell to fifth place with $8m, but with a sequel already green lit, Crime Deux should prove to be another example of Hollywood producing an unnecessary sequel. We should just make our own Crime Deux

Speaking of, last week’s secret contest has come to an end, and a winner has been chosen: community member TayterTot has won with his own Crime Day crime of kidnapping people and forcing them to watch a Disney Channel original series. That’s evil, man. Email me at geoffrey[at] for your prize. For Crime Day!

[via Rentrak]

1. Man of Steel – $113,080,000

2. This is the End – $20,500,000

3. Now You See Me – $10,320,000

4. Fast & Furious 6 – $9,433,125

5. The Purge – $8,200,515

6. The Internship – $7,000,000

7. Epic – $6,000,000

8. Star Trek Into Darkness – $5,660,000

9. After Earth – $3,750,000

10. Iron Man 3 – $2,908,000