Box Office Numbers: Taken 2: Son of Taken


Taken 2 topped the box office this weekend, despite murmurs about the film not being as awesome as its predecessor. I’m not a fan of films that go the simple route of numbering sequels. Look at the Die Hard sequels: they’re awesome, both ironically and unironically. Isn’t the balance between the two what all of the cool kids are into? Of course, with the odds of a Tak3n looking very slim, it seems like a missed opportunity. With a majority of Hollywood films being either sequels, prequels, or adaptations, you’d hope that studios would be more creative with their film titles. That way, we could finally grow past the Electric Boogaloo joke.

The rest of this weekend’s numbers are below.

[via Rentrak]

1. Taken 2 – $50,000,000

2. Hotel Transylvania – $26,300,000

3. Pitch Perfect – $14,736,400

4. Looper – $12,200,000

5. Frankenweenie – $11,500,000

6. End of Watch – $4,000,000

7. Trouble with the Curve – $3,870,000

8. House at the End of the Street – $3,698,000

9. The Master – $1,840,000

10. Finding Nemo – $1,555,000