Box Office Numbers: Tanks on Tanks on Tanks


Sorry I missed last week’s round of Box Office Numbers, folks. I was busy jib jabbering over at New York Comic Con. Good times. During all of that, Dracula Untold and The Judge released to okay numbers, but nothing was able to top Gone Girl until Fury this week. Fury raked in $23 million, Gone Girl comes in second with $17.8 million, and The Book of Life (of which we’ll have a review for you soon) rounds out the top three with $17 million. 

October is the month good movies come out left and right. Hope you’ve got some pocket money. Hit the jump for the box office performances for the October 17-20 weekend. 

[via Rentrak]

Tank - I Can't Make You Love Me (Official Video)

1. Fury – $23,500,000

2. Gone Girl  – $17,800,000

3. The Book of Life – $17,000,000

4. Alexander – $12,039,000

5. The Best of Me – $10,200,000

6. Dracula Untold – $9,889,000

7. The Judge – $7,940,000

8. Annabelle – $7,925,000

9. The Equalizer  – $5,450,000

10. The Maze Runner  – $4,500,000