Box Office Numbers: The Butler did it again


For the second week in a row, Lee Daniels’ The Butler took the top slot at a modest weekend box office, with We’re the Millers holding tight at number two. Kick-Ass 2 dropped to number ten and got beat up by Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine at number nine.

The World’s End debuted at number four, but it’s not as disappointing to as it seems. It’s the best US debut of any Cornetto Trilogy film. In addition, The World’s End opened at only 1,500 locations, which is half of what other wide-release movies are playing at. It actually beat The Butler in per-location average.

(On a related note, I liked The World’s End better the second time around, though my feelings on its two narrative strands still stand. It’s definitely not my favorite Cornetto Trilogy movie, though I appreciated that it tried to say something more substantive than the other two films.)

Check out full numbers after the cut, and enjoy the last days of existence after the cut.

[via Rentrak]

1. Lee Daniels’ The Butler – $17,018,000

2. We’re The Millers – $13,500,000

3. Mortal Instruments – $9,300,000

4. The World’s End – $8,942,307

5. Planes – $8,567,000

6. Elysium – $7,100,000

7. You’re Next – $7,050,000

8. Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters – $5,200,000

9. Blue Jasmine – $4,300,119

10. Kick-Ass 2 – $4,270,250

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