Box Office Numbers: The Dark Knight Rises to the top


One of the big things that bugged me throughout The Dark Knight Rises was Bane constantly holding on to the insides of his jacket or his chest pack. I think it was supposed to give him more of a menacing look/demeanor, but it felt kind of stiff and calculated. Look at me, guys, I’m a movie guy looking into things too closely, ha ha ha harrrr.

After last week’s blackout, Box Office Numbers are back and in full effect. The Dark Knight Rises is at the top for its second weekend while the new releases of The Watch and Stand Up Revolution come in at third and fourth, respectively. The latest Ice Age release continues to rake in the cash, giving proof that CGI family franchise films are almost always a safe bet. I feel like I need to launch a Kickstarter for the “Official Flixist CGI Family Friendly Film.” Who’s in?

[via Rentrak]

1. The Dark Knight Rises – $64,075,000

2. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $13,300,000

3. The Watch – $13,000,000

4. Step Up Revolution – $11,800,000

5. Ted – $7,353,000

6. The Amazing Spider-Man – $6,800,000

7. Brave – $4,237,000

8. Magic Mike – $2,580,000

9. Savages – $1,753,000

10. Moonrise Kingdom – $1,387,359