Box Office Numbers: The meow


Sadly, this post will not be about cats. Well, not entirely about cats. It will mostly be about The Vow, which to my knowledge isn’t about cats but which could, like most things, be improved by being about cats. Verified fact.

It was actually a pretty big weekend with a lot of money being made, which totally makes sense being the second weekend in February. Wait, what? Either way, people liked The Vow and too many people went to see Star Wars.

Full numbers below, which still include The Descendants. It will never leave me!

[via Rentrak]

1. The Vow – $41,700,000

2. Safe House – $39,330,590

3. Journey 2 – $27,550,000

4. That Film with Lightsabers that Shall Not Be Named – $23,000,000

5. Chronicle – $12,300,000

6. The Woman in Black – $10,300,000

7. The Grey – $5,080,000

8. Big Miracle – $3,860,730

8. The Descendants – $3,500,000

10. Underworld: Awakening – $2,500,000