Box Office Numbers: Two weeks only


The Lion King wins again! When will it ever be dethroned? Who can know?

Oh, right, The Lion King is gone. It’s allotted two weeks are up after this week, and now it paves the way for a new group of contenders to make a little bit of money and still come out in the top slot. Which movie will be the next to gain the great honor of being called “just good enough?”

Special mentions go to Killer Elite for sucking like a true champion and Straw Dogs for still managing to make less than ten million. Great job, high five!

[via Rentrak]

1. The Lion King — $22,130,000

2. Moneyball — $20,600,000

3. Dolphin Tale — $20,260,000

4. Abduction — $11,200,000

5. Killer Elite — $9,500,000

6. Contagion — $8,565,000

7. Drive — $5,771,107

8. The Help — $4,400,000

9. Straw Dogs — $2,100,000

10. I Don’t Know How She Does It — $2,053,000