Box Office Numbers: Wossamotta U


Monsters University has taken the top slot for its second week, fending off newcomers The Heat (which came in second) and White House Down (which came in a disappointing fourth). World War Z held steady at third place, and Man of Steel dipped down to fifth.

Clearly the visionary filmmakers behind 2000’s The Adventures of Rock & Bullwinkle should take a page out of Pixar’s book consider a prequel to that film. Just think of it: the college years of Rocky and Bullwinkle. It may not seem lucrative, but I think if they make it dark and gritty, it could debut strong. Robert De Niro would play a young fearless leader de-aged by bad CG.

Full box office numbers after the cut.

[via Rentrak]

1. Monsters University – $46,180,000

2. The Heat – $40,000,000

3. World War Z – $29,800,000

4. White House Down – $25,700,000

5. Man of Steel – $20,820,000

6. This Is The End – $8,700,000

7. Now You See Me – $5,500,000

8. Fast & Furious 6 – $2,410,250

9. Star Trek Into Darkness – $2,040,000

10. The Internship – $1,425,000

Hubert Vigilla
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