Brad Bird boarding Damon Lindelof’s mysterious 1952


Having stated he is unlikely to return to the Mission: Impossible franchise, director Brad Bird has found his next gig in the shape of mysterious Disney project, 1952, written by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. As expected from anything Lindelof is involved with, the script is being kept tightly under wraps, or possibly contained within a sideways timeline and protected by polar bears and smoke monsters to prevent prying eyes from sneaking a peek. It’s rumoured to be in the science fiction genre and Lindelof will be producing.

Even though next to nothing is known about the movie, the fact that Bird is ready to sign on makes 1952 a very exciting proposition indeed. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol proved him equally talented at directing action with real, fleshy people as CG characters (having previously helmed Ratatouille and The Incredibles for Pixar) and Lost‘s huge fanbase will no doubt find any enigmatic new work from Lindelof, who also wrote this summer’s ridiculously anticipated Prometheus, worth keeping an eye on. Interestingly, Bird also has a disaster movie called 1906 on his slate, related to the San Francisco earthquake of that year, although the two projects are unlikely to be related.

[via Collider]