Brad Pitt and Mila Kunis turn down live action Akira film


Back in November we got a slap in the face when we heard Zac Efron was in talks for the lead role in Akira. Then another slap in the face earlier in February when James Franco became a possible candidate for Kaneda’s roll. Now a Fibonacci pattern is emerging as we get two more slaps in the face with today’s revelations.

First up is that the film’s large budget is causing larger than life bankable names to get first dibs to the project, such as Brad Pitt, even though he doesn’t fit the part now or even back when he was young enough to pull it off. Slap number two comes with the news that Mila Kunis already considered playing the role of Kei — which could work — but already declined to instead pursue a role in Oz: The Great and Powerful. Coincidentally, James Franco is also in talks for that film as well.

With Kunis dating Macaulay Culkin — a well known super geek — I was surprised he didn’t plead for her to take the role on principle. With a little Googling I discovered that Kunis and Culkin split up a few weeks ago. Coincidence?! Guilty until proven innocent: Akira casting ended their relationship. Fact.

[Via JoBlo, via NY Mag]