Brad Pitt is still working with Terrence Malick


Apparently Brad Pitt doesn’t read Flixist, because otherwise he would know that Terrence Malick is a terrible filmmaker. Ignorant of the objective fact that is Flixist’s review score, Pitt has decided to continue work with Malick on his next film, Voyage of Time. Pitt will be narrating the film, an IMAX documentary which will purportedly show viewers the entirety of time, from creation to destruction. Which is to say, he’s basically redoing the Tree of Life without all of the story bits. It may be possible that Tree of Life was little more than a testing ground for this next film. As our own Alex Katz said: “The much ballyhooed creation and death of the universe sequences are only tangentially connected to the film, more of a thematic statement than any real connection to the plot.” Why have these scenes if they don’t really connect? To see what the masses think of them, and by masses, I mean the critics. Well, we know how that turned out.

Unfortunately these scenes have been known to cause “crippling boredom” in Flixist writers, so I have little interesting in seeing this film… unless Brad Pitt speaks in a funny accent. That being said, when gorgeous visuals are up on an IMAX screen, it’s kind of difficult to pay attention to anything else. Perhaps that is what Malick is counting on.

[Via /Film]