Bradley Cooper is a real handsome devil in Paradise Lost


First Bradley Cooper promotes binge drinking in The Hangover and its upcoming sequel, then Mr. Cooper promotes the notion that drug use makes you smart and sexy in Limitless. Next logical step, playing the Devil himself.

Collider reports that Bradley Cooper is currently circling around taking the role of Lucifer in Alex Proyas upcoming Paradise Lost adaptation. For those who’ve never read the 17th Century poem, Paradise Lost involves Lucifer’s temptation of Adam & Eve and the the battle between Lucifer and the archangel Michael in Heaven.

Alex Proyas has been attached to the project since September and has some sort of previous training with directing The Crow back in 1994. Cooper, on the other hand, dated Jennifer Aniston. While some might consider that more than enough inspiration to play the devil, I still think he needs to eat more autistic babies than usual (allegedly) in order to be fully prepared for the role.

[via Collider]