Bradley Cooper is… Rocket Raccoon


After Vin Diesel, John Dimaggio, Neil Patrick Harris, David Tennant, and so many other rumored names, Marvel finally has a face to the voice of its Rocket Raccoon. One of the characters of the upcoming intergalactic space-crew ensemble epic (by James Gunn) now has a voice. His true name is… Bradley Cooper. Okay? Okay. Very interesting. Interesting. Okay? I accept this choice, Marvel, I accept it.

Cooper has never done voiceover work for anything and, well, this is all very odd. I’m not saying he won’t have the capacity to voice a raccoon with a rocket launcher but, well, he’s not VA veteran is he. I won’t judge the man just yet but I am quite honestly surprised by Marvel. With Spader as Ultron and now Cooperaccoon, well, I’m not sure quite what to expect next. I guess that’s a good thing.