Bradley Cooper joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest


Bradley Cooper is now set to join Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest feature film, a ’70s period piece set in the filmmaker’s hometown San Fernando Valley, featuring a sprawl of characters and stories.

Specifically, the film centers around a “high school student who is also a successful child actor,” so expect Cooper’s character to have some relationship with the prodigy. An “old-school producer or director who takes a liking to the boy” is the rumored role.

With MGM set to release the film production is expected to ramp up after being hit by delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas, and George Clooney were also rumored to be involved, though it’s unclear if any of them are onboard at this time.

Bradley Cooper was last seen in 2018’s The Mule and A Star is Born, the latter of which he also directed and was nominated at the Academy Awards for. Filming on Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film is expected to begin this fall.

Source: The Film Stage