Bradley Cooper may be the new Crow


Or is it “Bradley Cooper will be the new The Crow?” I don’t know. Anyway. Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star as the titular character in an upcoming remake of The Crow from the director of 28 Weeks Later, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. For those unfamiliar with the original movie and its comic book source, Cooper would be playing a man murdered by gang members who is mystically revived to exact revenge on the men that killed him and his wife. Also, he’s totally, super goth. Cooper is not officially signed on yet, but he is reportedly excited to take the role.

This is just about as stupid as the rumor that Marky Mark would be starring here, which Sean reported on waaay back in October. I’m not sure what happened overnight that made Bradley Cooper so popular, but this is a really poor idea. The Crow as a franchise peaked with the first movie, which, incidentally, claimed the life of the original Crow, Brandon Lee, in a freak accident with a blank-firing gun. Cooper’s just got too much of a laid back, sardonic approach, considering the often brutal, laconic matter of the Crow. So I’m not thrilled for this. Then again, this is just another movie that has no business being remade. The Crow was a damn fun movie, a classic among me and my older brother, and it’s one of those things that stands to gain nothing from a remake.

Since it’s going to happen anyway, who do you guys think would make a good Crow?

[Via THR]