Bradley Cooper to make directorial debut with A Star is Born remake


Bradley Cooper may finally step behind the camera to allow new faces a opportunity to shine and be handsome on-screen, as he is currently in talks to make his directorial debut with a remake of the 1937 classic, A Star is Born. Not really though, because he may also star in the movie. 

The remake has been circulating for quite awhile now, with Clint Eastwood attached to direct at one point, which may explain why Cooper makes this his first venture behind the camera. Beyonce was also in talks to star as Vicki Lester, but whether or not she’ll be re-approached – if she’s even interested – remains to be seen. 

With Cooper in the director’s chair, and quite possibly the male lead, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him reach out to Jennifer Lawrence for the female lead. You know, they’re kinda meant for cozy chemistry on-screen It’s just mindless speculation at this point howeveer, and whether or not it’s Beyonce, Lawrence or somebody else, I think the most fascinating aspect his Cooper as a director. 

(via Deadline)