Brandon Routh returns as Superman for CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths


Superman Returns wasn’t good. While technically a sequel, it was mostly just a dour, beat-for-beat remake of Richard Donner’s Superman. But Brandon Routh made a great Clark Kent/Man of Steel, with his own likability shining through the at-times uncanny resemblance to Christopher Reeve. Routh may not have been launched into next-level stardom by the role, but he’s remained a steady and likable character actor, and is great as The Atom for the various CW DC shows.

Routh will reprise his role as Superman for the CW’s forthcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover mini-series this winter.

An adaptation of the seminal Marv Wolfman/George Perez mini-series from the mid-1980s, the CW version brings together the casts of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. The event has been built up by the various CW DC shows for a while now. Expect more details to emerge about the mini-series adaptation over Comic Con weekend.

I’ve fallen behind on The CW’s DC offerings for a long while, but I’m interested in how they handle the scale of the multiverse-spanning adventure. Mostly I’m curious what fun interactions there’ll be among the various TV superheroes. I also wonder how Routh’s Superman will be handled as he interacts with the other characters, such as the Arrowvers-Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) who appears on Supergirl.

The big question already on my mind: will Routh’s Donnerverse-Superman play the same role as the Earth-Two Superman in the comic book?

Color me intrigued. Time to binge those shows in the lead up to Crisis this December.

Tyler Hoechlin & Brandon Routh To Suit Up As Superman For Arrowverse Crossover On the CW [Deadline]

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