Brave co-director Mark Andrews talks about Pixar, anime


I saw Brave for the second time this weekend, and, despite some wonky pacing and the only slightly insufferable comic relief triplets, it remains a top tier Pixar movie.* The filmmakers at Pixar finally nutted up and made a film with a very strong female protagonist, and a well-written character to boot, and it’s working like gangbusters for them, financially. In this Google Talk that looks like it was shot for PBS ten years ago, co-director Mark Andrews speaks at length about his long career in animation (including as a story supervisor for The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, two of the best animated films ever made) and also speaks at length about the creative process behind the making of Brave.

If you’ve got an hour to spare at work today, or just want to pipe in something other than our ludicrous podcast, give it a watch!

*- Though I had to sit through a trailer for The Hobbit the second time around, and I almost vomited all over the filthy little orphan urchins sitting in the row in front of me. There should be better standards to keep degenerate films like that out of theaters.