Brave getting its musical score from Thor composer


Though Pixar has used many different composers throughout its filmography, one of its go-to guys is Michael Giacchino. He’s scored some of their classier films like Ratatouille, Up, and most recently (and not classy) Cars 2. But for next year’s Brave, he won’t be writing any of the film’s music.

Instead, Patrick Doyle will be joining Pixar for the first time to score their first fairy tale. Doyle has writing soundtracks for films since 1989, including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Thor, and the imminent Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He’s also Scottish, just like the Brave‘s characters and voice actors, so he’s planning on contributing an authentic Celtic soundtrack for the movie.

Doyle hasn’t seen Brave in any form yet, so he’s not certain of what his final approach will be, but he’s been traveling to Scotland and recording unaccompanied Gaelic choirs for research. He’s also written a drinking song — yes, a drinking song in a Pixar film! — for a character voiced by Billy Connolly. It sounds like the aural side of things is in good hands.

Hit the jump to see some of Doyle’s initial musings on Brave’s score.

I want to make it accessible but to honor the Celtic traditions if I can. It’s a real fable set in Scotland. I could possibly use the bagpipes as a drone or something that gives atmosphere, but I will resist instantly using them until I see what’s going on … they are extremely loud.

[Via /Film]