Brendan Fraser is taking the piscine a fish-heist comedy


Brendan Fraser, star of such all time classics as Dudley Do-Right, Looney Tunes: Back In Action and Furry Vengenace, has signed on to star in fish-based heist comedy’ A Whole Lotta Sole. The plot reportedly revolves around a fishmonger whose shop is robbed, only for it to come to light that the fishmonger himself is in hiding from his gangster father-in-law. Is that even a plot? What does any of it really have to do with fish? Expect plenty more equally baffling questions when more details of the movie come to light.

Apart from offering the chance to see Fraser desperately trying to convince everyone (and himself) of how great the movie is in press interviews, at least the film’s existence opens up the perfect oppor-tuna-ty to weaver news post full of fish puns. Does Fraser really see this as the ray forward for his career, or is he just accepting these roles for the halibut? I don’t mean to carp on, even though I’m having a whale of a time, but his choices so far have been seriously crappie. He once haddock career alternating this sort of rubbish with more interesting, if not exactly brill-iant, choices, but now looks like any role offered to him, he’s willing to fillet, taking the money without regard for his fanbase in the most damselfish way. Umm… maybe he’s ruffle-d a few feathers? Doesn’t have a dab hand at planning his career? Or is he just always in the wrong plaice at the wrong time? I’ve got no s-pacific hake-tred of Fraser, not least because he lets me use dreadful puns in my whiting, but eel surely be seen as moray joke than an actor and have an elver time finding work if he doesn’t get back in tuna with some sort of res-pike-table career path.

OK, I’m done. Those puns smelt a bit whiff-y. Don’t want to ling-er. Sure there are more important things to discus. Cod, I deserve to get fired for this.

[via The AV Club]

You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass.

– Douglas Adams