Brendan Fraser to play Robotman in Doom Patrol series, is free


Our boy Brendan Fraser hasn’t had the easiest of times in recent years, but fortunes may change soon for the star of the not-bad Mummy movie. According to Variety, the upcoming Doom Patrol series on the DC Universe streaming service has cast Fraser as Cliff Steele, otherwise known as Robotman.

The character of Steele was involved in a horrific accident, putting him in a robotic body. Fraser will provide voiceover for Robotman and portray Steel in flashbacks, while Riley Shanahan will provide the physical performance. The other members of the Doom Patrol, for the DC-uninitiated, include Negative Man, Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby), and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero)Joivan Wade will portray the more familiar character of Cyborg, who will band the team together.

It’s a bit frustrating that viewers will have to get Another Damn Streaming Service to watch (or hear, I guess) Fraser in the role—they can already see him in FX’s Trust, an arguably more prestigious project under the watch of recent Bond dropout Danny Boyle. But the fact that Fraser is getting a larger volume of mainstream work these days is great news for fans who have missed his presence.

And hey, it can’t get worse than that Titans trailer.

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