Bret McKenzie lands another elf role in The Hobbit


Up until know, I’ve always acknowledged The Hobbit as a thing that is happening that I will probably see. I mean, I’m not as fanatical as other LOTR fans in the sense I’ve never read the books and I thought the films were pretty cool and nothing more. But today comes news that not only excites me, but gives The Hobbit a bit of hipster credibility.

Bret McKenzie, one half of the extrordinary The Flight of The Conchords, is set to star (yes, I said STAR) in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit. As it turns out, the Rhymenoceros originally had a small role in the original Lord of the Rings films as Figwit, as did his father Peter McKenzie as Elendil (pictures in the gallery). With Peter Jackson hellbent on reuniting anybody who’s ever been in a Lord of the Rings movie, it’s only just that they invite the Boom King himself back to overshadow everybody. However, McKenzie will not be reviving his role as Figwit the Elf but will be taking on a new role as Lindir … the Elf. Either way, this movie just got 1000 times more awesome.

Hearing this news only makes me sad that The Flight of the Conchords lasted two seasons. I miss that show. I miss seeing Bret McKenzie. I miss Bret period. I miss his eyes, his smile, his scraggily beard and his silky voice. I miss the way he would make me laugh and swoon every week.

Wait a minute, what the hell just happened? What does this all mean!? You guys, I think I have a man crush on Bret McKenzie.