Brett Ratner to direct Midnight Run 2


Midnight Run might be set to get a sequel, with Brett Ratner directing, his last film being the surprisingly enjoyable Tower Heist. Apparently a new writer has been hired to write and so Ratner is all set. Tim Dowling was originally hired to write the script, but I guess he was too busy writing crap like Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It and this year’s This Means War. Robert De Niro seems “pumped” to reprise his obscure role as bounty hunter Jack Walsh, and has been for the past two years when rumblings of the sequel first hit the hot sheets. The other main character of the first film was a mob accountant played by Charles Grodin, who has not as yet signed on for the film.

Now, some of you might be thinking to yourself, “Midnight Run 2? I’ve never even heard of the first one.” Well, no surprise, it’s a relatively forgotten relic of a film from the 80’s. Others still might be thinking, “Brett Ratner? Is he that guy who directed that Superman movie and that X-Men thingy?” No, that’s Bryan Singer (I’ll admit to sometimes confusing them). Then still more of you might be thinking, “Where’s Chris Tucker in all this? He’s behind the couch, isn’t he?” Well, if this movie gets made, it might actually be two men of the same racial background acting side by side in a COMEDY… by BRETT. RATNER. How am I supposed to know when to laugh if the characters on screen don’t have obvious racial and cultural differences on which to discriminate humorously? Two white guys. Isn’t that just the nuttiest thing you’ve ever heard of? What wacky ideas will Hollywood think up next?

On a more important note, Charles Grodin hasn’t been acting for a fairly long time. Probably not since one of those Beethoven movies or Clifford or his obscure cameo in So I Married An Axe Murderer. I don’t know, I don’t follow his whole career or anything (it was The Ex). All’s I know is, he quit the ‘biz’ to be alone with his family and such. He’s a family man, through and through, so if he’s going come back for this one movie, the script had better be something special… although, I imagine money might have something to do with it too. I imagine if he doesn’t sign for the film, however, there’s always the old standby. Right, Brett?

[Via First Showing]